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Dr Saranya is a well experienced Ayurvedic Physician having treated the number of patients suffering from many health issues effectively.

Very good in diagnosing, counseling, and providing the appropriate treatments for various chronic ailments, Dr.Saranya advocates a holistic approach of treatment modalities that nurture a modern lifestyle while ensuring practicality of Ayurvedic Approach.

Well versed in Panchkarma procedures and modern Counselling techniques, Dr.Saranya strongly believes in listening to those in her care without any bias as many times all one needs is a good listener.

She is a dedicated and committed part of Santhigram Wellness Kerala Ayurveda family and like the rest of the Santhigram Family believes in the sacred duty in maintaining patient confidentiality and treating each individual with respect, care and undivided attention.

Dr Saranya

Dr. Saranya

“Ayurveda For a strong immune system and balanced mind”

An Ayurvedic physician practising more than 10 years; possess Masters in Dravyaguna (Medicinal plants) Awarded as “Asian Women of Substance 2019” by Ladies Circle of India.
Co-founder and director of Mahanasa Healthy Kitchen Services LLP. She has created many ‘easy to cook’ Ayurvedic recipes, trained professional chefs also created several healing home remedies Conducted many Ayurveda dietic workshops, cooking classes focusing simple method of cooking, tasty and nutritious food. Introduced many single herb products can be used as medicine as well as food.

Dr Rekha

Dr Rekha A B
BAMS, MD (Ayur)

Ayurvedic physician and certified nutritionist Recipient of “Karnataka Rakshana Vedike Award- 2017”.

Co-Founder and Director of “Mahanasa Healthy Kitchen Services LLP”.

Conducted National Level workshops for Ayurveda students at All India Institute of Ayurveda, Delhi.

Conducted several cooking classes & Summer camps teaching cooking, yoga and meditation in India and abroad. Participated in a number of workshops, TV shows, Radio shows and have written many articles to the magazine related to Ayurveda health.

Dr Archana

Dr Archana BAMS, MD (AYURVEDA) Nutritionist

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