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Originating in the land of wisdom, ‘Ayurveda’ is the science of healthy living extracted from the ancient texts of India. The time-tested medical science since 5000 years, Ayurveda promotes the balance of body, mind and soul as the basis for a healthy lifestyle. Practiced in ancient India, it is the secret of a timeless body, an intelligent mind, and a soul on the path to enlightenment. Learn more about Ayurveda

With in-patient hospital and 2 day-care hospital across Delhi-NCR and a growing network of physicians, Santhigram is India’s leading chain of Ayurveda hospitals and clinics.

Santhigram has been a pioneer in bringing the concept of quality systems into Ayurveda medical care and this focus can be seen at all our centres with services rendered by a team of exceptional Ayurveda physicians and nursing caregivers/therapists.

Santhigram hospital offer comprehensive, classical Ayurveda medical care spanning Purva Karma (Preliminary Therapies), Pradhana Karma or Panchakarma (Main Cleansing Therapies), and Paschatha Karma (Post-Main Therapies) rendered in accordance with the classical medical science; yet, through uniform protocols and processes that are aligned to the NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers) standard for Ayurveda hospitals.

Our mission is to ensure quality Ayurveda health care is accessible to all by increasing its reach globally.

Ayurvedic Consultation

Based on a thorough assessment of your overall health and lifestyle, an Ayurvedic consultant will make recommendations to help you feel better and manage your health.

Wellness Therapies

Wellness is happiness of mind and harmony of soul. Our various wellness program makes you healthier, physically as well as mentally.

Management of Health Issues

Pain, stress, weight, aging? We can suggest lifestyle changes to help promote balance in your body and help you feel better.

Beauty Therapies

Beautify yourself with the secrets of Gods and Goddesses

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Give the gift of relaxation and wellness to family, friends and employees. Show you care with a Santhigram gift certificate.

Special Offers

Take a look at our special offers and promotions that can help you achieve your health and wellness goals to feel better and look great!

Santhigram Memberships

Good health is a lifestyle. Santhigram has a membership
option that is perfect for you!

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Know Your Body Type

Learn what you should do and what to avoid to live a healthier and fitter life with the Prakriti Analysis Test

In-Patient Facility

Santhigram’s in-patient bed facility is well equipped and staffed, providing our patients with quality service.

Panchakarma Institute

Become an expert. Get a high paying job with our Diploma Courses in Ayurvedic Massage & Panchakarma Therapy.

Ayurvedic Detox Package

Santhigram’s Ayurvedic Detox Package is designed to help your body eliminate waste more effectively.

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