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Serene Ayurveda wellness retreat

Set against the backdrop of the Satpura mountains, on the serene banks of the Narmada River, our new center in Narmadapuram is poised to redefine your wellness journey. We aim to foster holistic well-being in every individual by integrating Ayurveda, Yoga, and mindful practices. With a precise blend of personalized therapies,  diet, and lifestyle changes, we bring this vision to life. Our meticulously designed treatment spaces offer unparalleled personalized care in an environment of luxurious comfort.

Ayurvedic therapies

Santhigram honors the uniqueness inherent in every individual. Rooted in ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and guided by the principle ‘prevention is better than cure,’ we provide diverse programs and experiences tailored to your specific needs. Whether you seek deep relaxation, stress management, or revitalization, we have something just for you. Our approach seamlessly integrates yoga, mindful practices, and lifestyle changes, empowering individuals to proactively manage health, vitality, and well-being for a fulfilling life.

Ayurvedic Cuisine

Ayurveda believes that food is a source of nourishment for the body and a potent catalyst for healing and preventing diseases. Ayurvedic dietary wisdom is crafted around your unique constitution, highlighting the personalized touch that defines its nutritional philosophy. 

Our Food section offers a symphony of fresh natural and seasonal flavors tailored to your unique dosha,  ensuring a feast that not only delights the palate but also nurtures your well-being.  Each dish is a meticulously crafted masterpiece, combining the finest ingredients and expert knowledge of Ayurvedic nutrition. Discover the art of nourishing your body and soul with our specially curated menus, a testament to the exquisite fusion of taste and well-being.

Yoga & Meditation

Experience the powerful synergy of Yoga, Meditation, and Ayurveda at our center. This holistic approach reduces stress anxiety and aids in weight management but also nurtures wholesome dietary habits, improves sleep quality, and supports mental well-being. Additionally, it has the potential to alleviate depression, reduce inflammation, and provide relief from chronic pain. Discover a comprehensive solution to restore health and harmonize energy. 

Begin your transformative journey now!


Discover comfort and tranquility at Santhigram Kerala Ayurveda. Our thoughtfully designed rooms offer modern amenities and traditional charm, creating a serene retreat. Choose from a range of categories tailored to your preferences. Enjoy convenient facilities, from Wi-Fi connectivity to rejuvenating spa treatments.  Savour the carefully curated dosha-specific flavours at our restaurant, enriched with seasonal ingredients for a nourishing experience. Experience Ayurveda’s essence in every aspect of your stay. Explore Living@Santhigram for a truly enriching wellness journey.

Dinacharya – Your day at our Ayurvedic Retreat Centre

Morning Session (7.00 AM -12.00 PM):

7.00 AM: Wake up with nature’s sounds, and begin your day with a gentle stretch and a joyful mind. 

7.30 AM: Guided Ayurvedic self-care morning rituals

  • Gandusham: Oil pulling and medicated water gargling 
  • Neti: Nasal cleansing with lukewarm saltwater 
  • Nasyam (Optional): nasal administration of herbal oils for cleansing and balancing. 
  • Self-Abhyanga: Self- massage with warm sesame oil  to nourish and rejuvenate the skin.

8.00 AM: Refresh with a warm water shower, followed by medicated eye drops.

8:30 AM: Yoga and Meditation session followed by a detox drink 

9:15  AM:  Nourishing breakfast prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients 

11.00 AM-12.00 AM: Personalised therapy session  for specific concerns 


Afternoon Session (12:30 PM – 4:00 PM):

12:30 PM: Delicious and balanced lunch featuring fresh, local, seasonal  ingredients.

1.00 PM-2.00 PM:  Rest and recharge by  reading, journaling, or unwinding in the serene ambiance.

2.00 PM-4.00 PM:  Explore Ayurveda with diverse activities: cooking demos, educational videos, self-care tips,  and guided digital library exploration at our retreat centre.

Evening Session (4:00 PM – 10:00 PM):

4.00 PM: Tea Time – enjoy a cup of freshly brewed herbal tea with healthy snacks

5.00 PM-6.00 PM:  Personalized  therapy session for specific concerns

6.30 PM-7.30 PM: Yoga and meditation session to relax and  rewind

8.00 PM: Light Ayurvedic dinner to  promote restful sleep

8.00 PM -9:30 PM: Free time to socialize, write a journal,  or simply relax under the starlit sky.

9:30 PM: Get ready for a good night’s sleep.

Embrace the flexibility of this Dinacharya, tailoring it to your unique needs for a personalized and enriching experience that fosters empowerment.

Disclaimer for the “Dinacharya” Itinerary: 

This sample itinerary, titled “Dinacharya,” is intended to provide a general overview of a typical day at our Ayurvedic retreat center. However, the specific schedule may vary depending on several factors, including

  • Weather: Activities may be adjusted due to rain, extreme heat, or other weather conditions.
  • Package: The chosen package will determine the types of treatments and activities included.
  • Treatments: Specific treatments are tailored to individual needs and may not be available daily.
  • Seasons: Seasonal variations may affect certain activities and menu options.
  • Resources: The availability of resources like yoga teachers or specific ingredients may influence the schedule.
  • Doctors’ availability: Personalized therapy sessions will be scheduled based on doctors’ availability.

While we endeavor to provide a consistent and enriching experience, flexibility is key to optimizing your stay. Our expert staff will happily discuss any preferences or adjustments you may have to personalize your “Dinacharya” and ensure a fulfilling Ayurvedic journey.

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1. Total 20 Rooms including 3 Suites rooms.
2. Multi-cuisine Restaurant
3. Room service
4. Rooftop swimming pool
5. Inhouse Parking
6. 24 hours Power backup
7. Lift service
8. Laundry Service
9. Travel Assistance

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