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Prakriti analysis identifies you as a PITTA-VATA Prakriti.

Since you display qualities of two doshas Pitta and Vata, Prakriti test identifies you as PITTA VATA Prakriti. This means that in your Prakriti no dosha is predominant and yours is a two-dosha type Prakriti. Most people are two-dosha types.

The following are the characteristics of Pitta-Vata Prakriti:

Of your Pitta-Vata Prakriti, Pitta predominates your physical traits and Vata controls your mental traits. People with this body type tend to have a medium build; they are stronger and muscular. They are quick in their movements, have good stamina, and are often assertive. They have stronger digestion and more regular elimination.

They may experience a tendency towards both fear and anger, and under stress, they become tense, hard-driven, and insecure.
They welcome challenges and tackle problems enthusiastically and often aggressively. However, a low Kapha score will reduce the level of their emotional stability and stress tolerance. They can do well in professions that involve calculating abilities and pose enough challenges but little competition like teaching and academics, research and development, production planning and management, creative marketing (not sales), product management and computer programming.
People with this Prakriti are good at developing purposeful relations quickly.

Lifestyle recommendations for Pitta-Vata Prakriti:

Drink enough water during the day.
Make it a habit to have a fruit or dessert immediately after dinner.
Try to avoid loud music, and energetic dance performances.
Oil treatments, especially coconut oil, is recommended for your hair and body.
Try to have a regulated and moderate approach towards every sphere of life.
Try to get some good rest and quality sleep.

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