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Prakriti test identifies you as a SAMDOSHA Prakriti.

Since you display qualities of all the three doshas equally,Prakriti test identifies you as Samdosha Prakriti. This Prakriti is said to be the best Prakriti and also it is very rare to find a person with Samdosha Prakriti.

The following are the characteristics of Samdosha Prakriti:

Physically you will be strong with sharper intellect and good memory and you can perform best in works with both body & with your intelligence.
You will be having more stamina to prevent any diseases or discomforts compared to other Prakriti persons.
Keep in mind that all these good qualities of yours will be expressed when you maintain the same state of your body like this always.

What you should avoid:

Intake of any particular taste or food item for a long time.
Avoid extreme cold or hot climate or foods.
Avoid old, deep fried and very spicy type foods.

What you should do:

Be balanced in your food intake especially in selecting the taste of food.
Do exercises regularly.
Keep your mind calm always.

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